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My team and I at Hampton construction and Handyman Services, Inc. know the importance of putting your best foot forward when it comes to introducing yourself to someone. That is why we use only the best quality products on the projects we perform. We are not going to be the lowest bidder when we give an estimate for your Hamptons exterior painting project but that is because the first impression we want to give you is one of professional and reliable service.

I started this company several years ago and you don’t stay afloat in this industry without giving every project your all and placing a high standard on the work you do. Now that we have introduced ourselves please give me a call to discuss your East Hampton, Montauk, Southampton, Sagaponack, Water Mill exterior painting plans.

(exterior painting QandA)

The paint on the exterior of your home is exposed to a variety of elements that can affect, for better or worse, the longevity of your paint job. These elements include the amount of sunlight your home is exposed to, the amount of rain and other moisture, and the shrubbery and other vegetation that might be rubbing against your home. Typically you can expect a quality paint job to last anywhere from 4 to 6 years before it should be touched up. That said, with our commitment to only the highest quality, master painting work, comes a guarantee that when we are finished, you are fully satisfied with the look of your home exterior.


Don’t live with your interior; live through it. Your interior should be an extension of your own sense of personal taste and style. I will be more than happy to go over the general motif you are looking for and then wash, scrape, sand, repair, prime, and apply the right amount of paint for your indoor living space. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of my clients is my specialty. Let’s be blunt. The people we work for are intelligent and we know that no amount of writing is going to convince you that my team is the right one for the job. All I can say is that I actually care about getting the job done right. I use the best quality products to make sure that my clients never regret hiring me for any endeavor; be it interior painting or any of the other services my team and I provide.

If you live in East Hampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Amagansett, Montauk and have an interior painting project then give me a call. Once we have a conversation you will understand why I have been so successful for so many years.

(interior painting QandA)

Q: A friend of mine has this color in her home, which I really like. Can I use the same color for my home, and will it look the same?

If you find out what color it is and provide us with a sample we can gladly use any color you would like in your home, but it is always important to keep in mind that due to differences in the layout, furniture, lighting, carpeting/floors, and other more subtle factors, the color you choose may not end up looking the same in your home as it does in the home of your friend. Fortunately, for over 12 years I have fine-tuned my eye for quality interior painting color combinations, and can direct you with ease towards the color that best suits the look you want to achieve. And with tons of color swatches and books at our disposal we can work together to not only match the look you admire in your friend’s home, but also surpass it.


Wallpaper is great; except when it starts to fade or peel. That is where Hampton Construction. come in. I have the right equipment and seasoned employees to get your East Hampton wallpaper removal project done as quickly as possible. I have helped hundreds in the East Hampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Montauk, Amaganset area with many large scale wallpaper removal projects. The secret is taking exceptional care to remove the wallpaper but leaving everything else untouched. Whenever my team and I do any job for a client we leave it ready for the next step, whatever that may be. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what job I do for a client, what matter’s is that I do it right. Every job is properly prepared, performed and cleaned post-production because that is what I would expect from a service that I hire.

(wallpaper removal QandA)

Q: Can’t I just paint over my wallpaper?

For a quality look that will last and be consistent, it is always best to have your wallpaper fully removed beforehand. If your old wallpaper isn’t completely removed it is likely to show through in places, especially over time, leaving you with slight, or even very pronounced, imperfections in your indoor paint job. With our dedication to only the highest quality workmanship, however, you never have to worry about excessive delays or hassles connected with wallpaper removal. We will quickly strip your walls to make sure that there will be no imperfections which will come through once paint or other indoor decorative coatings have been properly applied.


Don’t let a drywall issue become a blemish on inside of your East Hampton home. I have seen perfectly beautiful indoor areas become an eyesore with nothing more than a hole or two in the drywall. This is because your eyes will naturally gravitate towards imperfections in a room. My team and I will gladly fill in the hole, tightly putty in the new piece, sand it seamlessly and repaint so you never knew it was there. I’m being completely honest here. Fixing your drywall so you can’t tell where the blemish was in your East Hampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Montauk, Amagansett, Sagaponack interior is the standard I set for drywall repair. And as I am at every endeavor my company performs you can rest assured that my standards are always met.

(Drywall repair QandA)

Q: The interior of my home has suffered some wear and tear over the years, and the drywall is in bad shape. Should I look into getting it repaired before having it painted? Fixing- Indeed you should. If you don’t then it will show up after the paint has dried. Scratches, dings and especially holes will not be fixed by just covering them with paint. I’ve seen many painting projects done in my time where a person just painted over their drywall problems. This causes an issue with the look of the texture of a wall or ceiling which is very easy for anyone to spot. As a person that likes things to look their best and as a painter, these details irk me. I like rooms to look as good as they can be; a quality which my clients have always appreciated. And that is what I offer the people that hire me for their East Hampton, Southampton, Watermill projects. Whatever my team and I do, we do all we can to make it look good. I strongly recommend having those drywall issues taken care of before you start to paint. It is a standard procedure for my company to make certain the job is done well and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.


My team is well educated in the safe and efficient use of pressure washers. Wood, concrete, metal, brick: if you need it cleaned quickly then my team can get your moderate to large scale East Hampton, Southampton pressure washing project done with precision and professionalism. We have some of the most powerful pressure washing equipment available; combine that with a well-trained technician and it is easy to see why I get calls from people looking for quick, accurate and safe service. Time and the elements will coat any surface with a resilient layer of dirt and grime. To give your East hampton, Watermill, Bridgehampton home the sparkling appeal it had when it was new get in contact with my team and I. With several years of experience you can rely on us to get the job done right.

(Pressure washing QandA)

Q: Will pressure washing damage my wood?

If you leave pressure washing too long on a single area, then yes, pressure washing can mark or even scar your deck or wood paneling, cutting the wood in places that may not be noticeable at first. Think of this: extremely high powered pressure water is used to cut steel in the automotive industry. Granted, the pressure washers used in exterior remodeling are not as powerful but it gets the point across, i.e. water under intense pressure is a very powerful thing. Fortunately, during all of the years in the business, I have refined my skills with pressure washing and know how to apply just the right level of exposure to leave your wood deck or paneling clean but not damaged. When it is done correctly, pressure washing can be highly effective at removing the most resistant grime from your deck, leaving your East Hampton, Sagaponack, Amagansett, Monatuk, Wainscott wood or exterior, looking fresh and clean.


My team and I are here to help make sure the people of East hampton will be able to enjoy their decks for years to come. The quality sealants we use will protect your deck from rain, foot traffic, stains, mildew and UV rays. It is actually UV rays which cause the most harm to your deck as unsealed wood will be dried by the Sun’s light, making the wood brittle and faded. Furthermore, my team knows those elusive techniques to get the sealant deep into the pores of the wood so the sealant protects as well as it can. Don’t let avoidable damage happen to your deck. If you are in the East Hampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Montauk, Amagansett area then give me, Carlos, a call to discuss how to best seal and protect your deck.

(deck sealing QandA)

Q: Should I seal the underside of my deck?

Whether you should have the underside of your deck sealed is a question that really depends on how your deck is built. Typically, if you have, say, a patio beneath your deck, then it is a good idea to seal it so that you can fully protect and extend the life of your wood. It also depends on the type of wood your deck is made of because certain woods are more prone to being damaged by water than others. After a quick inspection of your East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Water Mill deck I will be able to tell you exactly what your deck is best suited for and how to have it protected as long as possible.